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Transparent Plates Dent
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Transparent Plates Dent
  • 2021-07-26 16:33:17
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Transparent Plates Dent

RADIO-FREE ORTHODONTIC TREATMENT SYSTEM, made with transparent aligners, is an orthodontic treatment in which movable aligners are used to correct irregularities in the teeth. The best thing about wireless orthodontic treatment; it is transparent, invisible and purely aesthetic so that no one notices that you are continuing treatment after you have not told it.

What is orthodontic treatment with Invisalign ie clear aligners?

It is a removable orthodontic treatment that provides the correction of crooked teeth with the use of a series of transparent plaques produced only for your teeth. These clear plates are replaced every two weeks. When you replace each clear plate, it moves every week by applying little force to your teeth, until your teeth straighten and reach the final positions determined by your doctor.

For the production of transparent plaques, the treatment plan is created by your doctor in a 3D computer program with the measurements taken from each patient, and the movements and final position of your teeth during the treatment are defined in the computer program. So from the very beginning, you can examine how your teeth will look at the end of the treatment.

Although there are many options in dentistry for correcting your crooked teeth, no treatment is as comfortable and useful as Invisalign (orthodontic treatment with clear aligners). Invisalign  

You must wear clear aligners for at least 22 hours each day. Your transparent aligners, which must be worn at all times except for eating and brushing teeth, allow you to remove them for 1-2 hours in a special meeting or on a special day.

How is the treatment process of Invisalign treatment from the first day to the last day? 

After your doctor informs you that Invisalign treatment is suitable for you after the examination, a few measurements are taken from you and the treatment planning process begins for you. The treatment plan made in the 3D computer program is evaluated together with you and the result of the treatment of your teeth is seen and accepted together with your doctor. The fabrication of the personalized transparent aligners required for your teeth to reach the final treatment given by your doctor and you begins.

After the transparent plaques reach you, the progress of the treatment is checked by your doctor both in the mouth and on the 3D program with interim checks of 4-12 weeks. As the treatment progresses, you will see that your teeth move and improve and you will have a healthier, beautiful smile.

What is the structure of the clear aligners used in Invisalign treatment and what do they look like?

Practically, Invisalign treatment clear plates are made of thermoplastic materials developed for Invisalign treatment planning. These transparent plaques made by the manufacturer are transparent structures that are specially produced for you and fit perfectly on your teeth. Some orthodontists describe this system as 'the contact lens of the teeth'.

Do Invisalign clear aligners contain bisphenol-A (BPA)?

No, Invisalign clear aligners do not contain bisphenol-A. The materials used for clear aligners are biocompatible and all applicable legal requirements and tests for oral use have been made. However, as with many medical devices, ask your doctor if clear aligners and their applications have risks specific to you.

How does the Invisalign treatment system work and how does it straighten my teeth?

By using Invisalign plates, they provide controlled movement of the teeth by applying force to the teeth. Since the invisalign3d computer program is used, the teeth move as much as the desired amount of movement and the exact treatment total duration is determined from the beginning of the treatment.

How can I start Invisalign treatment?

You can start with an orthodontic examination by your Invisalign certified doctor. In the first session, it is sufficient to allocate approximately half an hour as measurements will be taken only from you.

Will there be eating and drinking restrictions during the treatment?

No. You can eat whatever you want to eat and drink, as you have the freedom to remove the clear plates. Do not forget that there are restrictions on eating and drinking in wire treatments applied with brackets.

Are invisalign treatment and clear aligner applications painful?

It is normal for some patients to feel minor discomfort and pressure after plaque changes in the beginning and intermediate stages of treatment. This simply indicates that the plates are working and exerting forces on your teeth. This restlessness will pass within 2-3 days.

Will my speech be affected while undergoing Invisalign treatment?

As with many traditional orthodontic appliances, since there will be a new object in the mouth with the use of transparent aligners, there may be difficulties in speaking until the tongue gets used to it during the initial period, that is, during the habituation phase. However, in general, the majority of patients undergoing Invisalign treatment reported that their speech was not affected.

Can I smoke with clear aligners in your Invisalign treatment?

Smoking while the transparent plaques are in the mouth causes the plaque to become discolored and stained. Therefore, it is more convenient to remove the plaques and smoke.

Can I chew gum during Invisalign treatment?

Gum can stick to plaques. Therefore, chewing gum with transparent plaques is not recommended, it is more convenient to chew by removing it.

Do I have to remove my clear aligners every time I drink anything?

If you are drinking cold water, it does not pose any problem in terms of transparent plates. But it should also be removed when drinking hot drinks or cold juices. There is a possibility that if the plaques are not removed, the harmony of the plaques will be disrupted or the sugary drinks may remain in the transparent plaques and cause dental caries.

What is the best way to clean clear plates?

It will be enough to just brush your transparent plates and wash them with water. It is important to wash your clear aligners after every meal and before applying them to your teeth, so you can maintain good oral hygiene.