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Does the treatment change according to the size of the gallbladder stones?
  • 2021-07-29 18:57:41
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Does the treatment change according to the size of the gallbladder stones?

It may change partially. We divide gallbladder stones into three according to their size: smaller than 1 cm, between 1-2 cm and larger than 2 cm. The stones in the gallbladder may be single or they are usually many. The size of the large number of stones can also be different from each other. In other words, 2-3 mm stones can be seen next to the 1 cm stone. In this case, it is necessary to decide on the treatment, taking into account the small stones.

The only treatment method valid for all stones is surgery. But we need to explain some details. If gallstones obstruct the duct of the gallbladder or cause inflammation, urgent surgery is required, regardless of size.

Complaints related to gallstones are accepted as stomach/abdominal pain, indigestion, bloating, flatulence in the abdomen, belching, back pain.

If gallstones are smaller than 1 cm; 

a) Due to the risk of these stones falling into the biliary tract and causing larger diseases (biliary tract stone, biliary tract inflammation, pancreatic gland inflammation, jaundice, liver disease), it is necessary to hurry for surgery. Whether the person has a complaint or not, surgery is required.

b) Surgery is appropriate without waiting, especially since the risk of 2-3 mm stones falling into the biliary tract is high. 

c) If the person has diabetes, surgery is required without waiting. 

If the gallstone is between 1-2 cm; 

a) If gallstones are detected by chance in the examinations performed for another reason, while the patient does not have any complaints, surgery may not be performed. 

b) If there is diabetes, gallbladder surgery is required even if there is no complaint. If the gallstone is larger than 2 cm; 

a) Surgery is required whether there is a complaint or not. 

b) In diabetic patients, the operation should be performed without delay.